Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

– Henry Ford

The Power of Plus

Aatapi’s core values stress working in a collaborative framework to augment the development of an area. We believe that meaningful, sustainable engagement with Corporate Sector for comprehensive development of the area is vital to meet the challenges of emerging grass-root realities and deteriorating environmental conditions.


Aatapi has refined intervention strategies through the rigour of experience and feedback and evaluation from the field to maximise the impact of energy and resources poured into rural development. We believe that the knowledge, expertise, experience, insight and skills of two partners committed to a cause can foster robust and dynamic rural development that is visible, replicable and sustainable.


Aatapi has developed several models of community development based on the needs of the communities. Aatapi’s models give priority to nurturing community ownership and commitment to development interventions in their region. The models developed by Aatapi can be replicated in various geographies and socio-cultural milieu.


Aatapi has forged successful partnerships with several corporate houses to leverage change in the lives of dis-empowered and marginalised communities.


Aatapi seeks active partnerships with Corporate houses to channelise need based CSR activities and work towards shared goals.


Dignity for marginalised Women.

Aatapi and Pl Industries will engage with 1200 women from villages in a collaborative project to
enhance marginalised women’s access to finance and knowledge resources, strengthen traditional
sources of livelihood such as animal husbandry by providing access to training in scientific practices and open avenues for skill development and alternative sources of income generation, This engagement with women through Project Asmita will enhance the well-being of 5000 family members.


The process for this empowerment will be initiated through the formation and strengthening of self-help groups to create a sustainable base that will facilitate access to micro finance.
Collaborative community owned processes would nurture community ownership and sustain processes at the grass-root. The emphasis will be to nurture a leadership cadre drawn from the community at the first, second and third levels. Leadership will encompass knowledge building, skills development and perspective.


Self-help groups have paved the way for financial inclusion of women and laid the foundation for their empowerment in the personal, family, social and economic spheres. Aatapi has seen the lives of several
women transform as they cross the boundaries of ignorance, become aware of their rights and entitlements, overcome their inhibitions and fears, break restrictive social barriers and experience economic independence. As their self-esteem grows diffidence gives way to assertion. Recognition of their worth by their spouses, and families motivates women to take active leadership in community development.

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