Creating New Opportunities for Self Employment

Aatapi organises business development and entrepreneurship training sessions for members of the community in need of alternative sources of livelihood. Women access small business loans from Ujaas – their savings and credit society and initiate mohalla (neighborhood) businesses such as retail shop, snacks shop, vegetable shop, cosmetics and laris- push carts selling cosmetics, accessories, masalas and such like.

Women access

small business loans

from Ujaas

Aatapi provides entrepreneurship training

for members of the


Aatapi encourages them to widen

their scope and expand their

business as and where possible

Business management and entrepreneurship training give the differently-abled the confidence to identify a potential source of income based on their capacities. After training and acquisition of a start-up loan, Aatapi enables them to build on it through a process of continuous interaction, hand holding and morale building till the business is launched and stabilised. At an opportune age Aatapi encourages them to widen their scope and expand their business as and where possible.

Women have been trained in tailoring, hand skills such as computers, recycling of plastic waste and industrial housekeeping. A recent success story has been neem seed collection for the Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals; GNFC, Bharuch. This is now a regular seasonal business.

Neem Collection

A Seasonal Business with Handsome Returns

 GNFC approached cooperative dairies to procure a regular supply of neem seeds to meet the raw material requirement for their production of neem coated urea. Aatapi facilitated the dialogue between women of SHGs and GNFC, trained and organised them to ensure collection of of high quality neem seeds and built their skills to handle this specialised business. This has yielded a regular collection of more than 100 tonnes of neem seeds, totally managed by 10 to 12 women entrepreneurs, yielding a profit that ranges between Rs 20,000 to Rs. 1.5 lac per entrepreneur. The added advantage of this seasonal business is that it provides gainful employment in the lean agriculture season. The women have gained confidence as business women, interacting and negotiating with GNFC and business management. GNFC has also given them a certificate and cash award.

No. of Women trained in Training Programmes


Industrial House Keeping


Hand Skill Training


Recycle Plastic Waste Weaving


Computer Training


Entrepreneurship Development Training


Tailoring Training